This blog is really a personal blog, with a strong emphasis on the activities I employ in my daily business. Maintaining this unofficial blog let me talk about more off-topic things like 3D printing (also referred to as “Additive Manufacturing), LED lighting, optics, interesting developments and just random stuff.

Blogging for fun
When I launched this blog early 2009, I had the initial desire to discover the world of blogging, have a little fun with it, to stick to a more casual style of blogging and posting. I wanted to post cool stuff about interesting topics like e.g. 3D printing, additive manufacturing and lighting as well as focused stuff about the company I spend most of my daily hours. There will be a fair amount of content here that never will appear on any of our business websites. This blog will be a less formal, a little more off-topic and basically, more relaxed.

Globally oriented, locally active
Although my roots are in Zeeland, the only region in Western Europe with LAND IN THE SEA, I love doing business on a global level, cross-cultural, and expanding my network in the global Lighting Industry and beyond.

My blog at is just another source of Inspiration, Information and Innovation by and for Lighting Professionals, and at the same time a helpful tool to ‘get rid of’ a fair dosis of energy that I’ve got while working within the exciting environment of lighting with passion. Without light, there’s no life at all, and no understanding of day and night, beauty and freedom. Light is in our nature.

Additionally, I launched another website at 3DPrinting.Lighting to update professionals working with light on the latest technology and application news related to 3D printing, also known as ‘additive manufacturing’. From my pioneering role in today’s industry, I feel obliged to share the latest news and innovations related to this topic in order to enable all of us to do a succesful job and effectively enable the next lighting revolution.

Printed Ophthalmics by Luxexcel
I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to be part of one of the most amazing companies in the world going through exponential development and growth. My role as Head of Sales at Luxexcel has put me in the wavefront of not just selling 3D printed ophthalmics, but being part of shaping the technology and the future of the eyewear industry is truly amazing.

Luximprint – Additive Manufacturing of Optical and Decorative Plastics
Early 2017, we broke out with a spin-out company called ‘Luximprint‘, aiming to continue (a part of) the multi-market prototyping efforts that were left behind by Luxexcel due to an enhanced business focus. Our main business fields today are in additive fabrication of functional and decorative plastics, including 3D printed optical plastics, Optographix, Textured Surfaces and Mold Tooling.

From my position as Co-founder, Director of Marketing & Sales I get to work with teams full of world class business people in the field of 3D printing, lighting and optics such as engineers, consultants, lighting designers and countless others, who form the teams that make it possible to bring these ground breaking innovation to the market.

Zeeland – Something different…
If I may recommend you something off-topic to discover, here’s a small video about the fantastic area I’m used to live in. Wherever you are, you are never more than 15 minutes away from open water. Many (international) companies have chosen a strategic location in the “Delta area” to thank for their existence and their succes. It’s worth spending a few minutes of your life-time to discover this great holiday destination. (By the way, feel free to drop any questions and remarks for local tips & trics).

Except where noted otherwise, all images are either copyrighted images produced by myself, Luximprint or Luxexcel or licensed from a stock photo site.

Thanks for looking around here. Please feel free to ask for any additional information.

Marco de Visser


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