Publication: 3D printing for the Lighting Industry

Featured article: “How 3D printing will transform the Lighting Industry”

Recently, I’ve featured a more in-depth article about 3D printing for the lighting industry at my website This publication is intended for lighting professionals in lighting design or engineering that are struggling with the adoption or usage of 3D printing for their own business, or have critical thoughts about the impact it will have on the future of manufacturing.

The article will help you to learn about the importance of additive manufacturing for light engineering and how it wil be of impact for the future of the industry. A more generous introduction is followed by a more comprehensive outline of various USP’s that makes this technolog so adorable, along with some examples of companies that are doing a great job in the field.

In specific I recommend reading this contribution to my subscribed fellows from the lighting industry, but it might be of interest to anyone that wants to discover the further backgrounds and future opportunities with this exiting manufacturing break-through!

I am at your disposal in case of any questions, don’t hesitate to talk back and to let me know your thoughts.

Happy readings!

Marco de Visser

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